Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Buku - During and After the lockdown

Hope, you are well and have created lot of memories during the lockdown. 

Spent the entire lockdown and times thereafter stitching the extended story of BuKu. We received lot of feedback and some of which was repeated numerous times. We sifted thru all of it and created a priority list to attack them one by one.  The list seems to be going on and on but we are enjoying doing what our users wants us to do. After all we are building BuKu not just for me and my wife.

I always envisioned BuKu as an operating system of sorts ( more apt would be to say it as a mobile phone) and on top of which user can install any application as he wishes.  In our case, the core operating system or the nervous system is the accounting and other applications are inventory, AMC, Loan/EMI, CRM, Staff Management etc. And i am happy to see it evolving that way.

Two of the key requirements coming from our users is the multi device support and web version. And that's an interesting ask. Why? For the simple reason that its no longer about features but its about ability to use BuKu from anywhere and anyone whom they want to authorize in their world. 

And this is absolutely a good news for us!! 

So we have buckled up and are sitting around the drawing board to figure out the best way to do it without compromising on the user experience. We want to surprise our users with a super seamless experience.

Meanwhile, created this asset for awareness. 

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